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Where the Lines Overlap


I felt wuzzy twice today.

And in case you are asking yourself, ‘what are you even talking about?!’ Wuzzy = warm + fuzzy. That’s not a word? Well it is now so booyahhhh.

Anyway, work was kinda crazy today. In case you don’t know what I do, I work for a human resource company. I specialize in payroll taxes and yes, I am pretty awesome at my job. This morning, I was doing some approvals and checking payments and stuff; I had handed back some paperwork to be redone and the girl who had to redo it is relatively new. She seemed frazzled — I could already tell she had been working with the branch partners a lot with it.

So when she handed the corrected paperwork back, I processed it and sent it on to be mailed. I IM’ed her…nearly instantaneously, she reacted with, ‘did I miss something again?’ And instead of bringing her down, I simply said, ‘no. I just wanted to say good job.’ I assured her that what we do is not a walk in the park; there will be stuff she has to do that is difficult and she just has to get through it. I also let her know that instead of being so hard on herself, she needs to remember that she has potential to be great at her job…a little patience is all that is needed.

This reminded me of why I was promoted. I like mentoring; I like seeing people succeed. This was one of the many wonderful things that made me stand out when I went for my promotion. I help approve work of more than 24 specialists…I don’t want to be that person who only interacts with them when they do something wrong. I think that at some point in the past month or so, I lost sight of that. 😦

Later in the afternoon, I went to talk to one of the girls that management had swapped our job roles and she had just gotten off the phone with support. So I went into her cube after I heard her hang up the phone just in time to see her completely break down in tears. I knew that the transition was a bit harder for them than it was for me…I just didn’t know that it had gotten that overwhelming.

I have never seen anyone in my department reach that breaking point. So I let her cry and vent to me. I listened as she told me how the work that came with the switch was just too much — how she had been with the department for 9 years and never wanted to walk out more than she did today.


And all the while, I was trying to comfort her. I had my hand on her back soothing her. I even gave her a few hugs. Then I told her if she needed to talk, I would be there in a heartbeat.

I was thinking about it a little bit after. Was it unwise to go in for a hug or soothe her? Did it go against the company’s Right Way training? I was taught that in the work place, the safest option is to just keep out of others’ personal bubbles…honor boundaries.

I think that we’re so caught up in the deadlines and trying to keep it professional that we sometimes forget that we are working with people. I spend as nearly as much time during the week with my co-workers as I do with my own family. I see the people at the office everyday but all the rules about right and wrong interactions make us to be more like robots than humans.

I just found myself in that gray area where I am doing right as a human but wrong as a slave to Corporate America. Idk. Maybe it’s necessary for these lines to have overlapped. And honestly, if given the chance to do it over I would not do it any differently.

Agree or disagree, either is fine. I would just rather take the more human approach is all. I mean, what would you all have done?

Let me know 🙂

What does Food and Competition have in common?



…well maybe, I mean there’s hunger involved and there’s like, people who do food competitions.

Ok, whatever, haters. Anyway, this is a post that’s been in the making for some time now. Being unemployed with absolutely nothing else to fill my time, I’ve been doing a lot of television watching. I’m sure this is the most TV I’ve watched in FOREVER because we didn’t have cable in our rooms at college (because they were cheap).


And I’ve found that I have been drawn in by this reality-television fad that’s been plaguing our world as of late. Yes, yes, I gave into the hype. More specifically I’ve found myself growing fonder joy-joy feelings to food making competitions like Cupcake Wars and Iron Chef America.

"Seriously, Poppy, you're cupcakes taste like dog sh*beep*"

Sure it’s the same old story: competitors are given a challenge working with all sorts of food and they end up making super impressive creations in a time crunch. My favorite part, though, is when it comes down to judging and that one cocky-for-no-apparent-reason contestant is like, “I so rocked that competition and this win’s in the bag.” But when the judges taste the food they give this dude a complete verbal, emotional beat down which will most likely lead to a spinoff show of them going through an identity crisis and rising from the ashes. Who doesn’t like that sort of exposure? I honestly LOVE these shows…

…”Well, if you love them so much why don’t you marry them?”

STFudgeU hater or else you’ll be another Susie pan victim:


But seriously, I do enjoy these shows and kudos food network for keeping the elderly, bored and unemployed entertained for decades and many years to come!

Indifferent About Politics & Disappointed by Biases


So last night I had just finished watching a re-run of Glee and the following 2 episodes of Raising Hope on Fox. Not feeling like changing the channel, I ended up watching the Fox 10:00 news. It wasn’t until about 35 minutes in when I realized that I had been subliminally fed conservative news/world views for the past 35 minutes (about 15 minutes not counting commercials and feel-good-local stories) of my life.

Kids, leave your John Kerry's at's about to get conservative in this b*beep*ch

Now if this is starting to sound like a horrific political slasher movie story, have no fear. I just felt like commenting on my seeming lack of interest in politics and these left and right biases in media.

First off, I did take a journalism class in college–I actually almost had a desire to venture into journalism for a degree–and one of the lessons we were taught about popular media is that there are different channels that offer left and right views of politics. I guess when it comes to the most conservative news channels, Fox takes the cake. And the news is somewhat alright–like I said in the first couple of lines, only 15 minutes was tainted with this political bias.

The Bill Himself...

But when you look at programs like The O’Reilly Factor, you’re like, “OMG PLEASE STOP MEOW!” Well, at least I do. Seriously guys, Bill O’Reilly scares me with how steadfast he is in his views. I mean, really–look at him. Doesn’t he look like he could snap your head off or eat a baby if you get him really upset. Also, when he interviews pretty much anyone with less than conservative views, it’s about 1 peg of intensity below an all out bar brawl. For example, I recently watched a video of O’Reilly interviewing Lupe Fiasco about the song “Words I Never Said,” and I was just blown away by how the entire thing was handled. And the worst part is, this was one of the most tame interviews I’d seen Bill do!

Anyway, what it all comes down to is the fact that I’m very indifferent about politics. However, I am definitely confused, skeptical and disappointed when it comes to political aficionados bringing these ideas to life in their words and actions while tacking on their personal biases.

But that’s the world we live in, however sad it still is looking.

If you wanted to check out the video of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Lupe Fiasco, I’ve linked it below. Happy Youtubing!

Movie Review: Minority Report (2002) — The Futuristic Look of Choice


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the movie Minority Report. Results may vary. This product has not been tested on animal. This post may have you thinking twice about committing murder in the years before 2054. Dealer will stand on 17 or higher; insurance pays 2 to 1.

Reader discretion is advised… Read the rest of this entry

It’s an NBJ kind of day


Yes friends…I’m having an NBJ kind of day. And in case you’re all wondering, “Ashley, what is NBJ?” An NBJ is a Nutella, Banana & Jelly sammy. Yes, yes…it IS one of those days.



Usually sandwiches brighten my day instantly. I mean, they are quaint, delicious and always there when you need them. Truth is, I’m so lonesome here by myself. I only have the dogs and cats here to keep me company–well, actually, just the dogs seeing as cats are cold-hearted, only-wants-you-when-they-want-you animals.

“But Ashley, didn’t you have an interview today? Did it not go well?”

I did have an interview this morning. Thanks for asking–err, Voice Inside My Head. It went alright I suppose. I can never tell with these things. I mean, I thought that the one I had at the beginning of the month went super stellar but I still didn’t get the job. I think that even though I was more at ease with this one, the interviewers just weren’t having it. And I think I even ACED the basic arithmetic test they administered before the interview.

Plus I was asked the dreaded question: “Why are you a best candidate to get the job?”

Gerrrr…I just KNEW not doing that Elevator Speech assignment in my internship prep class would come and bite me some day.

Anyway, I turned in my application to work as a Receptionist/Secretary at Strong Hospital finally. Then I called my mom and was like, “OMG, I MISS YOU! PLEASE COME HOME MEOW!” and ate LifeSavers Breath Mints the entire way home to try to calm my anxiety.

So, lastly, I’m in the process of making some dinner. I’m thinking something as simple as mac n cheese will suffice because dad won’t be home til later. Too bad the box makes 3 servings…

…it just reminds me that I have all this cheesy goodness and no one to share it with. *sadface*